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Book Shuffle is an original meme created and hosted by myself, Shannon, from the book blog Clockwork Bibliophile. I think memes are great fun to participate in and an equally fantastic way to meet and make friends within the blogosphere. If you would like to participate in this monthly meme then feel free! Details are below 🙂

What is Book Shuffle?

This meme is for book and music lovers alike!

Book Shuffle is an idea I came up with on a random night/morning at 2am (isn’t that when we get all of our best ideas?) Basically, I was shuffling through the music in my phone and thought, ‘which book could this particular song relate to?’ And voila, this meme was born.

On the 15th of each month, I press the shuffle button on my iTunes and whichever song first appears, I need to relate it to a book of my choosing. It can link to the song in any way I see fit; the tone, the lyrics reflecting something which actually happens in the book, a character’s personality, the development of a relationship – pretty much anything. The sky is the limit!

Three easy steps…

  1. Click the shuffle button in your music library.
  2. Pick a book that relates to the first song that appears.
  3. Write a fun little post about the song and book you’ve chosen!

How to participate?

Honestly, it’s not difficult! 🙂

  1. Make your own Book Shuffle post, following the instructions I have mentioned above.
  2. You can design/ layout your post any way you wish, whatever suits your blog/ bookish medium best.
  3. Post a new Book Shuffle once a month (I upload mine on the 15th, but you can choose whichever date you like).
  4. Please link back to this page and my blog in your Book Shuffle posts so that other people can come and join the fun :)))
  5. Post the link to your Book Shuffle in the comments of mine so other people will be able to come and see which song and book you’ve paired together. 

Quick little note: this meme is listed on the Book Blog Meme Directory which has so many different memes listed for different days of the week etc. If you’re looking to find some new content for your blog then this is definitely the place to look!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you will come and participate in this meme with me! I’ll leave all of my Book Shuffle posts below so you can have a look and see which songs and books I’ve discussed 🙂 

Book Shuffle Archive

Keep In Contact…

If you participate in this blog spot, add your blog link in the comments section so you can all find each other!  🙂

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