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Hello lovelies, I’m Shannon!Screenshot 2019-04-27 at 18.17.48

I’m a 20 year old Scottish vegan, with a great love of books and travelling (I know, every cliché under the sun). I’ve recently graduated from university with a degree in International Business and Human Resource Management – I’m excited to see what’s next!

This is a positive space for me to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences about books I’ve read and places I’ve been, maybe even some the odd post about veganism too.

Some of you who have been kicking around here for a while will already know that this used to be a completely dedicated book blog. And although books are one of my most beloved passions, life keeps getting in the way and I’m in a reading slump more often than not nowadays. But just because I go through periods of not reading, doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy writing, or still want to continue writing.

So… this blog is more just about me and my experiences now – rather than feeling like a job. I’ve made the decision to change the blog’s original name and domain from Clockwork Bibliophile, to Wanderess Bibliophile. This new name fits far better with the person I am today but still highlights my love of books.

I know that most of the people who followed me in the early days were only here for the book discussions, so I completely understand if you’re not interested in some of the things I’m going to be posting from now on, and I’m sorry for that. However, I cherish that I can have a safe space to document and discuss things that I love – somewhere completely positive. I’d love to share all of these experiences with you.

So thank you to everyone who has stuck around, and for all of you who are here now ❤

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If you ever want to reach me, you can message or follow me on some of my other social media accounts. Or, you could even shoot me an email – I always reply!

Email – shannon@wanderessbibliophile.blogGoodreads | Twitter | Instagram

81 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Hello, and no bother 🙂 To be honest I’m not a major fan of soap operas but I do enjoy a lot of tv shows such as The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Suits, Sherlock, Game of Thrones and many, many others! I’m also currently binge watching The CW show Reign (which I’m absolutely addicted to).


  1. ‘Self published’: you could open up your mind a little to these: try for example Jane Davis’s ‘Funeral for an Owl’ or try Francis Guenette’s Crater Lake series. Take a look at the Alliance of Independent Authors. We are Indies, not self-pubs, not wannabes. Self pub has a bad reputation to live down, esp. as people are putting out e-books sometimes which have not been beta read, edited, etc… but have a go, increase your awareness! (Even try my Baby, Baby). These are not of course YA or fantasy … but only as I don’t read that genre I don’t know what is good in it. Oh, btw, this is not a pitch, it is merely a suggestion to someone who likes my blog post … no commercial intention.

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    1. Thank you for your comment and sorry if I’ve offended you! To be honest, if a book’s synopsis sounds good to me then I’ll more than likely accept it for review even if it is by an Indie author. I was actually just reading a self published book last week. I’ll definitely look up the books you’ve suggested, thank you 🙂

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  2. Not offended … just spreading the word since so many people simply assume self-pub equals poor quality … and the media/trade publishers tend to be happy to support the old views! Indies – as opposed to old-style self-pubs – have made a choice … like Prince, we don’t feel happy abut being ‘owned’ by the limitations of a contract …which can sometimes confine the writer to one genre, suggest what they write, demand more novels a year than it’s possible to write well,or simply decide they can’t use you any more, because ‘the public has decided’ it prefers, for example, crime to mystery, or erotica to family saga!

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  3. I’m new at this blogging, so bear with me. I THINK I just signed up to follow your blog. That was my intention. I am looking forward to your posts and am sure I’ll get lots of “Why don’t you read…” suggestions. Thank you for looking at powerful women readers. It is very (maybe too) informal but involves a large number of very good people.

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  4. Hi Shannon, first of all congrats on your b’day, 18 why that seems a lifetime ago (in fact it is), and thanks for liking a couple of my posts, keep up the reading

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  5. Hey Shannon! I just checked out your blog and I’m so pleased to know that a blogger like yourself has liked my book review! Excited to follow you already 🙂 (P.s. I’m a complete Shadowhunter fangirl too, nice meeting you ❤ )

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  6. Hullo Shannon!
    Knowing that you love books and maintained such a great blog about them, I nominated you for the ‘This or That Book Tag’. I’d love to see your answers to the bookish questions they have there; but it’s alright if you don’t have the time to do it.
    My post is here for you to check out in case you chose to to do the tag:

    Hope you have a great day!
    Midnight Ranter

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