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Are you feeling happy today? I am because I get to share some of the things I love with you! Thank you to Shannon over at Captivated~by~Fantasies for tagging me to do this! Definitely go check out her blog, you won’t regret it! 🙂


  • List 5 things that make you happy 
  • List 5 songs that make you happy
  • Nominate 5 bloggers to complete the tag

Things That Make Me Happy…

1. Long walks on the beach lmfao. Nah, I’m a city gal myself. Nothing beats walking down a street or sitting on a bench and just watching people (okay, that’s sounds creepy, but you know what I mean), trying to figure out what’s going on in their life or where they’re rushing off too. Sometimes I like creating little scenarios in my head about what’s going on in their life. So, I guess number one would be people. People can be pretty great (even when they don’t know they are).

2. The second thing which makes me happy is music. I love how music makes me feel and how I connect with certain songs when I’m going through/ feeling certain things. Halsey is definitely one of my favourites, you should all check her out if you don’t know who she is already.

3. Well, as you know I love reading in general, but I specifically love picking up a book which I’m not too sure about (or I’m not too excited to read) but end up falling head over heels with. You know those books? I recently read one called The Problem With Forever which took me by surprise in a good way and I enjoyed immensely. Click here to read my review of it 🙂

4. Blogging! How could this not be on my list? Being able to write down my thoughts, which people in my real life don’t really care about, makes me feel good. It gives me an outlet for my feels which I am eternally grateful for. Plus, the only thing better than reading is being able to talk about the books I love with other like minded people.

5. All of you lovely people. Blogging wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun and rewarding if I didn’t have you to share it with. I’ve talked to so many amazing people through my short time posting on this blog and have leaned a lot about myself and others. If you don’t blog yourself, then I would definitely suggest that you give it a try. It’s a wonderful and worthwhile hobby.

Songs That Make Me Happy…

Mr Brightside – The Killers

This is a song I’ve been obsessed with since primary school. I don’t even really know why – I guess because it’s just so damn catchy and a proper good sing along song. I remember trying to convince all of my friends to listen to this over MSN when I was like 10, those were the days lol ***NUDGE***.

Better Than Sex – The Midnight Beast

This one is so random and you’re probably like, wtf? I don’t know what it is about this song, just whenever I hear it I want to dance and sing along. This song just feels so teenager to me and I love the tone of it. Basically, it’s my jam okok.

Love Story – Taylor Swift

I was such a humongous fan of old, country style, T-Swizzle and will never not love her songs. I mean, new pop star Taylor is great too, but her first few albums hold a special place in my heart for so many reasons. Literally, no matter what mood you’re in, there is a Taylor Swift song that matches it to a tee.

Metro Station – California

I feel like I’m going to get judged so bad for this choice but this tag is making me remember all of the songs I loved years ago and make me smile whenever I hear them. THIS IS SUCH A TUNE OK, NO H8 PLZ.

Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

Okay, this one should be in EVERYONE’S top 5. If you don’t instantly feel the need to jump up and down when you hear this song then… were you even alive in the 2000s? Old school Avril was so cool and such a badass, I still love listening to her songs (and watching their music videos).

So there you have it, a bunch of things that make me happy! Tell me in the comments what makes you happy 🙂cfghj

28 thoughts on “Tag: The Happiness Tag

  1. Aaw, reading this post made ME very happy! haha! Taylor Swift is THE BEST! 😀 and I know exactly what you mean about being positively surprised by a book! These books are the best books!

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  2. Love your answers! Observing people in the city is also one of my favorite pass times lol. I don’t know who Halsey is but I’m already looking her up lol. I’m going to have to re-visit your post to watch the vids you’ve added since it’s blocked on my end but thanks, something to look forward to 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a cute idea!! Spreading some happiness from blog to blog is fantastic. Nobody tagged me, but I think I’m going to start my own tag team lol. Great post.

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