Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Posts

Hello lovelies! I need to apologise in advance for the narcissism of this post but today’s topic is all about my favourite posts on this blog! Come and join our Goodreads group, we’re friendly 🙂

Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Character Names


This post was so great because it was definitely a change! Highlighting my favourite character names was fun and interesting, plus it made me really rack my brain for answers.

Tag: Burn, Rewrite, Reread


I did this tag so freaking long ago but it is definitely one of my favourites that I’ve done. It was super fun!

Top 5: Book Boyfriends

Book Boyfriends

Everybody loves a good book boyfriend, am I right? My list pretty much consists of Shadowhunters but I don’t care. I LOVE THEM ❤ ➰

Tag: The Ultimate Game of Thrones Book Tag


Game of Thrones is my jam, so I was all about this tag when I knew it was a thing. I also made a bunch of predictions in this post of things I thought would happen in the show (some of which have already started happening).

Book Shuffle (Original Meme): March

Book Shuffle March

This is definitely one of my favourite posts because it was my first ever Book Shuffle (my original meme). I remember being so excited when I came up with the idea for this meme because it’s mine 🙂 These posts go up on the 15th of every month, so keep an eye out for them!

This is a quick little post today but it was still super enjoyable! I hope you’re having a great week 🙂cfghj

18 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Posts

  1. Great post.Your post on Game of Thrones made me want to watch the show though I am now six seasons behind. I agree about the favorite character names post. That was a great T5W.Have a great week.

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  2. What fun,what fun, and what a creative girl you are. I am getting ready for a Book Bash at my house Sun. so can not participate in the funtivities. So far thirteen people are coming, but don’t worry that’s not counting me, so we will be fourteen.I went to a little boutique looking for a door prize, but couldn’t afford anything after wiping out the specialty crackers and cheeses aisle and blowing extra on cookie ingredients (pecans are expensive!). Next thing I knew my sweet husband was at the register paying for a darling clutch (which can be converted into a shoulder bad with a leather strap that attaches.) It has slots for cards, a zipper middle for change etc. etc. and best of all, it is this summer’s color, light coral. He is such a dear. I’d give anything if you could come to the party……

    Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 06:02:52 +0000

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      1. You would MAKE the party and would love my former student who is coming from Baytown TX (photographer and writer for the Baytown Journal. She is bringing her mom and grandma with her. All three (We refer to them as “The Ladies” were at the last Book Bash here in Jan. Lana is about 22. You two would hit it off.

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