Book Shuffle: April


It’s that time of the month again! If you don’t already know what Book Shuffle is, it’s a monthly meme I host here on my blog where I click shuffle on my iTunes and whatever song is first clicked on I need to pair it with a book and state why. If you’d like to participate or find out more about Book Shuffle then you can check out the meme’s official page.

Let’s begin!


And this month’s randomly selected song is… Just Friends by the Jonas Brothers.

*Ahem* yes, I still listen to the Jonas Brothers. SUE ME.

But omg, when I started listening this song again one book screamed out at me. I mean, the similarities are ridiculously uncanny. Before I tell you which book I’ve paired this song with, here’s a small excerpt from it in case you’ve never heart it before:

“There she goes again
The girl I’m in love with
It’s cool we’re just friends
We walk the halls at school
We know it’s casual
It’s cool we’re just…

I don’t wanna lead you on, no
The truth is I’ve grown fond, yeah

Everyone knows it’s meant to be
Falling in love, just you and me
‘Til the end of time
‘Til I’m on her mind
It’ll happen
I’ve been making lots of plans
Like a picket fence and a rose garden
I’ll just keep on dreaming
But it’s cool cause we’re just friends

Thinking about how
We’re gonna say our vows
It’s cool we’re just friends
As she walks down the aisle
I see all my friends smile
Cause now we’re more than friends”

Now into the fun part! I’ve decided to match this song with Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. There will be spoilers ahead for this book and it’s companion novels, you have been warned!


Hands down, holy moly, this song is Anna and Étienne’s relationship in song form. Do you agree? I shall explain:

So, obviously if you’ve read Anna and the French Kiss then you’ll know that Anna and Étienne both totally fancy each other but they don’t let each other know about it until the end of the book. And they pretend like they’re totally JUST FRIENDS (but we allllllllll know the truth). Plus, I’m pretty sure that other people know that they like each other, other people guess, right? They are clearly perfect for each other, it was obvious since they first laid eyed on each other.

This song also talks about high school and feels like a teen song, so it has the perfect tone to go along with this book. As far as the last stanza of the song goes, with the two people ending up together and getting married… WE ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END OF ISLA! And it is so cute and I love it and I love them and I love this song and I love Stephanie Perkins ❤ ❤ ❤

So there’s another Book Shuffle! Hope you enjoyed it this month and tell me in the comments if you think this song would be better with another book 🙂

S xo

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