Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Bookish People You Should Follow

Ahhhh, my first ever Top Ten Tuesday! This is a weekly meme held by The Broke and the Bookish, and I’m super excited to share with you that this week’s topic is: Ten Bookish People You Should Follow. I’m so glad that I’m going to get to share some of these people with you because they are wonderful and are just as obsessed with books as I am.

For this post I’m going to mention five BookTubers and then five Bookstagrammers because these are the platforms I use most for bookish things (besides my blog). You’ll probably already know most of these people but I’m going to mention them anyway 🙂

Five BookTubers



Christine is by far my all time favourite YouTuber. I find her absolutely hilarious and agree with pretty much all of her bookish opinions. Plus, she fangirls over the Shadowhunter books just as much as I do ➰ Her secondary channel polandbananas20 is almost as fantastic as her book channel, you should follow her there too. 

Jesse @ jessethereader

8114361Everyone likes Jesse, right? His recommendations are always great and so spot on for me, plus he’s ridiculously funny, just like Christine 🙂 Also, since Jesse is the only boy on this list he is definitely representing haha.

Sasha @ abookutopia

Pq-W-9XaI love Sasha so much because – along with her love of books – we’re both at the same point in our lives which makes her so much more relatable for me. We’re pretty much the same age and both in our first year at university, woohoo fun -_- I’m also super excited for her because she’s co-written a book which is going to come out later this year, named Zenith.

Catriona @ Little Book Owl

photo.jpgCatriona is one of the first BookTubers that I properly started watching and I’ll always be thankful for that! I don’t watch her videos as much as I used to but her content is still great and she’s an Aussie, which is awesomeeeee.

Kat @ Katytastic

YnjCmS_PLast but not least, it’s Kat. It couldn’t really be anyone else lol. I didn’t actually like Kat that much when I first found her on YouTube a good old while ago but she’s definitely grown on me and now I like her a lot. I especially love her tag videos.

Were you surprised by any of these people haha? I love them all and they are definitely my favourite people on YouTube as a whole. Whenever they upload a video I drop everything and get my ass on the internet to see it XD

Five Bookstagrammers

This part of the list is actually so difficult because I follow a lot of people on Instagram with lovely feeds and very inspiring pictures but I’ve managed to narrow it down. Here goes…

Andie @ _halfbl00dprincess

You’ll probably already know of Andie, and if you don’t then where in the holy hell have you been?!?!?!?!? She’s basically the patron saint of Harry Potter on my feed, and I always love her pictures. She uses her little pop vinyl figures quite a lot in her photos as well which are so, so, so cute.


Alexandra @ twirlingthepages

Alexandra takes lovely bright photos and a lot of the time appears in them herself which is really cool. She even did a sort of recreation of the cover for To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han and it looks fantastic.


Marie @ dreamingpages

I actually only just found out about Marie but I’m glad I did. She doesn’t have too many followers as of right now but her photographs are absolutely stunning. If there’s anyone you should definitely follow from this list, it’s Marie 🙂


Rebecca @ bookvibes

Rebecca is someone I’ve been following for a while now and whose style I like a lot. I can’t even fully put my finger on why I like her pictures so much but they are great and she definitely deserves a follow.


Sarah @ newleafwriter and Hikari @ foldedpagesdistillery

Okay, okay! I know this is technically cheating but I couldn’t choose between these two because the way they take and lay out their images is quite similar. They both go for the more crowded style of picture and have beautiful typewriters which pop up here and there. Ahh, just go follow both!


Until my next post, thanks for reading!

S xo

Ps. I have so many amazing books on my TBR and it’s giving me major anxiety. 

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  1. Here’s a fun window into the world of this year’s Uni students, for a mum whose kids are way beyond Uni now … looks lik eyou have a whole world out there of friends talking books and photos – lovely!

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